Welcome to Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
3745 Kimball Avenue ~ Memphis, Tennessee 38111 ~ 901-743-6421

Our next FREE Reading Rampage will be in April 2019 from 10:00am - 2:00pm

(Stay tuned for the actual Saturday date)

"Reading for efficiency, speed and comprehension" for ages 9 to Adult


Contact us OR fill-out the form below to reserve your seat. HURRY! Seating is limited!

Facilitated by: Dr. James Gholson, Dr. Thomas Motley, Sr., Dr. Thomas Motley, Jr., Fr. James Cubine

*** We are currently accepting donations for gently used/working computers (desktop and laptop) and Children's books (grades 1 - 12, especially boy's adventure tales and sports. ***


Registration Form

PARENTS: Please have your child here by 9:50am and please be back  to pick-up your child by 1:50pm. Please keep your cell phones turned on in case we need to contact you during the workshop.

ALL ATTENDEES: You may bring your mobile device (smartphone, laptop or tablet). PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A REQUIREMENT TO ATTEND. Computers will be available for use during the workshop.

Lunch will be served. Please make note of any food allergies in the comments section of your form.